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Season Light objects Old City Centre

The local entrepreneurial committee of the Oude Binnenweg (BIZ) in the city centre of Rotterdam are very proud of their Paul McCarthy sculpture 'Santa Claus' Although it's been a little controversial in the past. The locals have embraced it as a token of their bravery and open minded spirit. Atelier 81 was asked to create seasonal lighting connect to the beloved sculpture. At the same time, of course, this a protected artistic property. McCarthy always stated that Santa Claus was born out of two completely random 'commercial utensils' he received from friends that were standing on his desk. One day he decided to combine them into a sculpture.

Atelier 81 took the liberty to take two details from the sculpture and blow them up into colorful objects. Making the content behind them even less prominent and therefore playing with the same idea as McCarthy: so what? It's a form, like any other.

The hanging 'sculptures' are there for the public to enjoy during the winter season: from the end of October until the beginning of April.


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