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van Laak

Light designer and light architect Paul van Laak is the co-founding director of this company. Paul worked for opera, theatre and dance productions for over 25 years. About 12 years ago he started focussing his attention and knowledge towards architecture and design by creating light designs for museums, exhibitions, store concepts, private residences, public buildings and intimate spaces.

You can contact Paul directly via: paul [at] atelier81 [dot] nl

or +31 (0)6 41316506




Nancy Hoffmann is co-founder and partner in this company. As an art historian she is responsible for the cultural and design research behind projects and specific designs. Her (obsessive) interest in technique is also very helpful in the practical side of processes.  

You can contact Nancy directly via: research [at] atelier81 [dot] nl 

or +31 (0)6 55303335

Some of the autonomous light objects we developed over the last few years were projects Paul van Laak designed in co-creation with product designer Arnout Meijer - Arnout Meijer Studio in Amsterdam. 


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