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Children's Museum Villa Zebra

Villa Zebra's annual exhibition this year is dedicated to the mysteries of the dark woods. For the exhibition "Diep in het Bos" (Deep into the Woods) that opened December 9th 2016 the museum has invited 10 visual artists to reflect on a broad range of experiences we all had in the woods. At least when we were little. From being spooked to searching for fairies, from the wonders of mother nature to the dangerous creatures it houses...

Our studio was invited to both create a lightning design for the exhibition AND to create a light installation for the exhibition. Placing us in the role of both the mysterious and unseen actor and the entertainer in the limelight!

The photo's of the 'unseen actor' in the exhibition (our light design) speak for themselves:

The installation called 'Ritsellicht' (Rustle Light) will evolve further during the exhibition but starts with a bunch of seemingly - maybe even eerie - upside-down tree trunks and branches hanging in the space. The light between the branches can be switched from day light to (blue) night light. But in between the branches there are hanging mirrors that look like knives. They make the light twinkle, but they are also a bit frightening...

Now it's Winter. The branches have no leafs. In Spring the installation will evolve into something new...

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