Our Lady Virgin II

It has taken some time sinds our last post on this subject, but finally the light design plan for this charming part of our Rotterdam city centre called the MaHo quarter is being installed. CLS Led technology in Wijchen (NL) is the supplier of the armatures for this specific task. They are firm, have a steady light source suitable for outdoor and they give the 12 degrees beam angle we were looking for. What we wanted was to create small beams of light coming from high up in the crown of the trees, shining down on the street and creating a pattern of leaves on the pavement.

At the moment we are still working on the details, but these photo's give you a preview of what we are aiming for. Lucky enough we were even treated with some snow a few days ago, which gave even more contrast to the photos.

Last but not least: you might wonder where the Lady Virgen of Holland is? That will be the next chapter of this light project. To be continued...

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