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Middelland Armatures

The neighborhood called Middelland in Rotterdam West had seen it's ups and downs. In the 80ties and 90ties it nearly crumbled under te pressure of bad housing facilities, poverty and criminality. Over the last few years the entrepreneurs of the Middellandstraat, one of the oldest shopping streets in the city, pulled itself up by its bootstraps. Combining the strength of the many cultures that inhabit the neighborhood and the strength of the various entrepreneurs and investors.

The BIZ of Middelland invited us to create permanent armatures, street 'lanterns', that reflect some of the old grandeur but in a contemporary manner. Atelier 81 combined the M (for Metropolis you might think, which is actually not even that far fetched) for Middelland and looked at the old Art Deco style for answers. CAN translated these two given into a contemporary but also kind of classic design with integrated light.


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