Our Lady Virgin

The Nieuwemarkt in Rotterdam is a beautiful wide open space in the city centre of Rotterdam; an intriguing combination of highlights of 19th century and 20th century architecture comes together in an area that functions around leisure and education. Strangely enough the space is kept completely in the dark during the evening, even thought at least two main cafe/bars in the city border on this square. Even more so, since the middle of the square harbors one of Rotterdam's famous old landmarks on freedom and entrepreneurship: The Lady Virgin of Holland (De Maagd van Holland) standing on top of a fountain. This statue - which is often called Rotterdam's Statue of Liberty - reminds us of our victory on the Spanish occupier on April 1st 1572 by de Watergeuzen. Local entrepreneurs, followed by local government, have put effort into bringing back some of the former grandeur back to this old square. Atelier 81 has designed a light plan for the complete square and the surrounding area (some details below).

Completion square estimated: February 2018 Surrounding area: June 2018

Nieuwemarkt Square in 1903

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